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Education & Job

Educational problem solution


Education today plays a major role in shaping the destiny of a man. Therefore, parents are concentrating on the education of their children from day one. Right from getting the child admitted into a school through college, parents face a dilemma and face many problems. Do you know that Astrology and the study of horoscope can ease many of the problems that parents face today? According to a Best astrologer in pune, mumbai. The birth chart provides deep insights into the future of the child. The various combinations of astrology are useful in predicting the potential and strengths of a particular child. The planet Mercury if placed well in a fire position determines the intelligence and an interest towards the subject Mathematics. The sign Aries is associated with the Brain and head. The 5th house is a major determinant of the education of a person. A person’s grasping skills and learning curve can be gauged by the 4th house. As far as higher education is concerned, the 9th house plays a prominent role.

There is another technique used by Astrologers in pune, mumbai known as the D-24 Chart based on Vedic astrology which is concerned with the education of a person. The birth chart must be studied in conjunction with the D-24 Chart in order to see the scope of education and career in a person’s life. The planet Rahu is associated with computers and its placement is very important. People become doctors and engineers when the placement of Venus is strong in the birth chart in conjunction with the planet Mars. The 2nd house and the 5th house determine the choice of education in a person’s life and is responsible for problems in education. If you are in a state of confusion, then Sri Pandit Dasharath Rao Guruji is the place to help you determine the right career and job you desire.

The experts at Sri Pandit Dasharath Rao Guruji analyze your educational possibilities and job related queries and relate it to your birth chart by seeing your horoscope and offer perfect astrological guidance so consult a astrologer in pune, mumbai Sri Pandit Dasharath Rao Guruji.