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Face reading astrology is another aspect of astrology reading. Face reading is also known as "physiognomy" which is defined as a practice being used since an ancient time. Its main motive is to figure out what a person's personality, behaviour, character, future, present and past are. Face reading is an age-old art that involves analyzing a user's facial structure and characteristics to determine their character,health conditions,and fate. Its origins can be found in many civilizations, particularly in India, China,and Greece.

In India,an astrologer is known as the jyotishi who has the knowledge of palm reading,astrology,numerology,gemology,face reading and many more aspects of astrology. Astrology has been in practice since a long time and people have their immense trust in this field. This is getting prevalent with the growing urbanisation. Face reading is not a very new thing known to us. It has existed for a long time now; it wasn't just very much known in previous ages. Huge literature is concerned with face reading and recognition. Aristotle is mainly responsible for the discovery of something like face reading. He gave explanations for different kinds of traits using the face reading astrology methods. Its been years since people have been using face reading to read faces and know things that have always been unknown. It has been believed that a person's face can tell a lot about what a person is. You can actually look at someone's face, analyse is properly and actually figure a lot of things about them. Astrology believes in face reading very firmly. Astrology says that one can look at an individual's face and tell how their personality is and how they are going to be in life and how life is going to treat them. There are some face reading techniques. Some of the traits with which you can read the face include facial shapes,face profile, forehead shape, eyebrows,eyes,nose,and mouth.

Top Face Reader In Baner

Shape of the face has a very great influence. There are many shapes and each of them has a different effect on the face reading astrology results. The person having a round face is usually known as the "water-shaped" person and his face is plumpy and is very fleshy. These people are usually very sensitive and they get emotional without thinking practically. They care about the people around them a lot. These people are also attracted by various kinds of sensual and sexual activities. You can think about a stable life with them. They will prove to be one of those people who can be amazing at long term relationships. People with round faces will never disappoint you as a partner. People having oblong face that are very thin and long and have more of a muscular physique are usually known to be practical.

They think about everything very rationally and practically. They are not very emotional and sensitive unlike round shaped people. They move in life with planning and methodologies. They are tough at relationships. People having triangular shaped faces are usually those who have a slender face and a body. These people are intellectual and are short tempered. They are very wise and can please the people around them with the cunning moves they will show. They will achieve success in particular fields. People having face shaped squares are those who are really smart and have a very dedicated nature. They are determined and are very focused in whatever they do. The ones who have rectangular shaped faces are very kind and are loyal. They are known to be honest. These kinds of people like taking over things and behave like leaders. The intelligence factor that they have makes them very attractive and the honesty factor balances it beautifully. They have the potential to achieve greater things in life.


Even the face profile of a person matters a lot. The people having a convex face have a small forehead and a large nose. They are the people who are stubborn. They have a rude nature and they get very impatient with time. The ones having concave faces have a very huge forehead,and a small nose.

These people are really kind and empathetic. They usually have a purpose for everything in life and they are known to be very considerate. People with plane faces have a very balanced character development.

Top Face Reader In Baner

People with straight forehead are o liberal thinkers. Liberal thinkers are those that have a straight forehead and adhere to a modern philosophy. They must thoroughly comprehend the original statement before they can think about the third. Even though they are extremely intelligent, they were frequently misinterpreted as kids when they were younger. Their capacity to think rapidly and adapt immediately are both slowed down by the evolutionary style. When under stress, they struggle and require time to think things through. Consequently, they always seem to relinquish track in high-stress circumstances such right before an exam ends or when there are limits or due dates. Such individuals possess rapid understanding. They speak so quickly that they frequently complete your sentences ahead of you. Horizontal individuals are prone to indifference due to their inability to stop oneself from moving at their own speed. Footballers and professional athletes both have sloping foreheads. They tend to make inaccurate judgments because they make choices quickly.

They are amazingly innovative people that dislike having limitations placed on them. They enjoy making up stories and detest math and computations. These people excel in the arts and other disciplines that need passion and ingenuity.

Face reading is a technique used to get understanding into someone's temperament, demeanor, skills, or attributes and to comprehend their way of life. This procedure is also known as personology's physiognomy. We are all very acquainted with palmistry, which is one of the popular techniques for predicting destiny and prosperity. Face Reading, a technique based on a person's visual appearance, architecture, and attitudes, can, nevertheless, be useful in a number of ways. But one can also employ the skill of face reading as a method to understand a person's behaviour deeply. Furthermore, it makes it possible to make snap judgments on individuals even after grasping their palms.

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